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Solving Problems
Nelson Technical Service, NTS, has been solving problems by applying computer technology since 1982. NTS has worked with large companies in the textile, heavy manufacturing and electric utility industries. NTS has also worked with small companies in a wide variety of fields. NTS would like to provide you with custom hardware and software to help solve your problems.

NTS has recently developed a solution to a common business problem - how do you find a co-worker when you need them? The solution is called Sign-In-Out.
Sign-In-Out is a computerized replacement for the old sign in/out board that companies have been using for years. While the old sign in/out board is located in only one place, the Sign-In-Out program can be viewed and updated from any computer on your office network. It is designed to be a small program that does one thing and does it in a way that employees with even minimal experience with computers can start using right away.  When you have a phone call or visitor, the operator or receptionist will be able to either find you quickly, or be able to better handle a message because they know where you are and when you expect to return.  Itís also a great way for employees to locate each other.  Sign-In-Out brings the old sign in/out board into the 21st Century.  Check for more information and a free 30-day demonstration.

Contact Information:

John N. Nelson
PO Box 626
Dayton, VA 22821

(540) 578-4125